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WORKING HOURS : 8.30 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: The School uniforms is compulsory on all working days.

For Boy: Navy Blue Shorts, white Shirts, Black Leather shoes, Black socks, School (High School) tie, school belt and Badge, ID Card

For Girls: Navy Blue Skirt with ‘Box-pleats' White Blouse, Black Leather Shoes, (High School) Black Socks, School Tie, School Belt and Badge Hair plaited in two and knotted with black ribbon, ID Card.

For Primary Pink colour Shirt, Light Brown half pant, Black leather shoes, Black socks,

Boys : School belt, Badge, ID Card.

Girls : Pink colour shirt, light brown pinafore with box pleat, Black leather shoes, Black socks, school belt, Badge, ID Card.


Boys : White Shorts, House Colour Shirts, White Canvas Shoes, White Socks, School Belt.

Girls : White Skirt with box - pleats, House colour blouse, white canvas shoes, white socks School belt and use house colour ribbon.