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Dear Parents,
As we in Don Bosco believe that ' Opportunities don't just happen, they ' have to be created’ we are happy and all set to start the next academic year for our students. The online classes started from 7.06.2021(Monday attendance is compulsory.

Here are a few guidelines try to follow them.

1. Encourage your ward to attend online classes regularly.

2. Try to create study friendly environment for your ward.

3. Monitor your wards individual progress regularly.

4. Parents must take up the initiative to check the message sent from the school and help their ward to complete assignments on time.

5. Students must attend online classes on time and must be neatly dressed.

6.No personal chats must be sent to the teachers.

7. Since the students attend classes from home, Parents alone will be held responsible for any kind of indiscipline behaviour of their wards during class.

8. Parents must motivate their children to maintain a dignified relationship with their teachers and classmates.

9.Since the note books and text books are not distributed, students must attend class with atleast a rough note(last year's old note books can be used)

10. If any parent wishes to monitor your wards online class, you are requested to sit apart from the video .

(‘Kindly avoid walking around or talking during the class hour,you may be distracting many students unintentionally) We understand that trying to keep children normal in an abnormal circumstance is difficult, we are here to give them in the best.May these online classes help them to keep themselves intact with studies even in this pandemic situation.