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The School aims at inculcating a sound Christian and human formation, for the TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE WHOLE PERSON, making the student a well integrated person, spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally and culturally well equipped and ready to collaborate with others in building a just society.

1.Spiritual : We promote in all the students a strong foundation of their faith and appreciation of other religions. Facilities are provided for the on going reflection, moral and religious instruction, meaningful celebrations of feasts, personal and group prayer, reading the Bible, seminars and campus.

2.Social : We are all the children of God and hence a common brother-hood exists among us. Students are initiated to promote Gospel values of love, peace, justice and freedom in society. Leadership qualities are promoted through various youth movements and co-curricular activities.

3.Intellectual : This School helps the students to strive for academic excellence using all the available means in the school in a spirit of acquiring and applying knowledge of practical daily life; skills to evaluate and criticise objectively and constructively and continue his/her intellectual development.

4.Morals : Transmission of values of life is an integrated part of life. This school helps the students to imbibe the human and christian values like simplicity, dignity of labour, solidarity and brotherhood, tolerance and forgiveness, generosity and honesty. By helping them to form the right conscience, the students are able to make right judgement in their life. The school also provides opportunities to have a clear idea of how they are to realise the sexual dimension in their lives so as to develop a balanced personality and have deep respect for life and a better understanding of the equality and complimentality of sexes.

5.Cultural : India is a land of rich culture. The school gives the students a sense of patriotism respecting different cultures around them, work for national integration by respecting others without distinction of caste, creed, language and economic status.

All these aims can be summarised in the school motto 'LIGHTED FOR LIFE' To achieve these aims a close and whole hearted co-operation between the Home and School is very essential. This has a dynamic influence in the development of the type of education envisaged in this school.